Bruno Khater Founder of K1ever.ca

The Story Behind K1ever Ottawa

Bruno founded K1ever.ca with a decade-plus of experience in Graphic Design, Marketing, and Web solutions. Bruno worked for clients in Canada, the USA, Lebanon, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Africa. Covering several industries such as:

  • Hotels, Restaurants
  • Coffee shops
  • Automotive
  • Health
  • Hospitals
  • Sports
  • Banks
  • Digital platforms
  • NGOs
  • Reserves
  • Governmental institutions
  • Events
  • Film Industries
  • And more

Bruno landed in Canada. He wanted to create a new brand to offer services suitable for the Canadian market. K1ever Ottawa was born.

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Recent Certifications Earned by Bruno

  • Bruno Khater Graphic Designer instructional design essentials
  • Bruno Ottawa Building Professional Relationships
  • Bruno Khater Graphic designer Ottawa Canada Learning Articulate Rise Ottawa Canada
  • Bruno Khater Graphic designer Ottawa Canada E-Learning Development
  • Bruno Khater Graphic designer Ottawa Canada Beeing a good mentee Bruno Ottawa
  • Bruno Khater Graphic designer Ottawa Canada Adult Learner
  • Bruno Khater Graphic designer Ottawa Canada Inclusive learning Design

For Bruno Khater

Graphic Design and marketing are not only about aesthetics. There is an important element there which is to be clever in all circumstances. Bruno is aware of the various types of schemes to achieve a clever outcome. It’s good to be smart, but it’s essential to be clever.

Being clever in design is important for the designer to come up with a creative unique design. Cleverness in the marketing process is important for message delivery.

In the social media world, K1 represents amazing.

Welcome to K1ever.

osama farhan
osama farhan
Bronu has been instrumental in enhancing our social media branding and providing innovative marketing ideas. His expertise in website creation has significantly improved our online presence. Working with him has been an excellent experience for our company, and we highly recommend his services to anyone looking to elevate their digital marketing strategy.
graham whitehead
graham whitehead
Bruno is a very professional web designer. If you ever need web content or anything with social media I would recommend him highly Kindly Graham
From a business owner perspective, Bruno was very helpful, easy to communicate with, well organized & very intelligent. I would highly recommend him
Mohamad El Jammal
Mohamad El Jammal
One of the best people and support, K1ever helps u from the first to the last steps and he follow up his customers always have the best feedback.
rima kossaify
rima kossaify
This place has taught me a lot of marketing strategies and ways of thinking things ahead. Thank YOU for being K1ever!
Ali Merhi
Ali Merhi
Wassim Soweid
Wassim Soweid
I am very pleased with the graphic design service I received from Bruno @ K1ever. Professional, accurate, creative and timely service. Highly recommended!
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