A Guide to Booking Your Appointment with Bruno, Founder of K1ever.ca


A Guide to Booking Your Appointment with Bruno, Founder of K1ever.ca

In the bustling world of marketing, finding the right agency to elevate your brand can be a game-changer. K1ever.ca, based in Ottawa, Canada, stands out as a multifaceted marketing agency offering a plethora of services, from SEO and paid ads to graphic design and web development. If you’re eager to tap into their expertise and gain insights from Bruno, the agency’s founder with a master’s degree and over 11 years of experience, then booking an appointment is the first step towards unlocking the potential for your business. Bruno worked for clients in Canada, the USA, Lebanon, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Africa. Covering several industries.

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Why K1ever.ca?

K1ever.ca is more than just a marketing agency. With a diverse skill set that encompasses marketing strategy, graphic design, branding, logo creation, 2D animation, and web services, the team at K1ever.ca is well-equipped to cater to the unique needs of various businesses. The ability to communicate in Arabic, French, and English adds an extra layer of accessibility, making K1ever.ca a valuable partner for a wide range of clients.

Booking Your Appointment

Ready to dive into the world of innovative marketing solutions? Booking an appointment with Bruno, the visionary founder of K1ever.ca, is a straightforward process. Follow these simple steps to secure your spot:

1. Explore K1ever.ca Services: Before you book your appointment, take some time to explore the array of services offered by K1ever.ca. From SEO and paid ads to graphic design and web development, understanding their capabilities will help you tailor your questions and make the most out of your consultation.

2. Click on the Google Appointment Form: Head to the K1ever.ca website and find the designated section for booking an appointment. There, you’ll find a link to the Google Appointment Form. Click on it to initiate the booking process.

3. Fill Out the Form: The Google Appointment Form is user-friendly and requires essential details such as your name, contact information, preferred language (Arabic, French, or English), and a brief description of your business and marketing goals. Take a moment to provide as much relevant information as possible.

4. Receive Confirmation: After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email detailing the date and time of your appointment with Bruno. This confirmation will also include instructions on how to join the online meeting via Google Meet.

5. Prepare Your Questions and Material: Make the most of your 30-minute online meeting by preparing your questions and any relevant material you’d like Bruno to review. Whether it’s specific marketing challenges or a desire for a fresh perspective on your branding, having your queries organized will ensure a productive session.

6. Connect with Bruno: At the scheduled time, log in to Google Meet and connect with Bruno for a personalized consultation. Benefit from his wealth of knowledge and experience, having worked with over 15 lines of businesses throughout his career.


Booking an appointment with Bruno, the mastermind behind K1ever.ca, is your gateway to unlocking unparalleled marketing insights and strategies. The combination of diverse services, multilingual communication, and Bruno’s extensive experience creates a unique opportunity for businesses to thrive in the competitive landscape. Don’t hesitate to take the first step toward transforming your brand—book your appointment today!


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