The Pitfalls of Selling on Etsy in Ottawa Canada

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The Pitfalls of Selling on Etsy in Ottawa Canada

Say no to Etsy: The Pitfalls of Selling on Etsy, Why You Should Consider Your Own E-Commerce Store.
I personally experimented with Etsy for several months, but I eventually stopped due to a specific experience. A customer received a product and requested a refund because they claimed the printing quality was poor.

However, upon reviewing the images the customer provided, it was clear that not only the product but also the surrounding environment appeared dark in the photos. The walls, the plants, and even the floor were all poorly lit. It seemed evident that this customer was attempting to obtain a free product. Unfortunately, they succeeded, as Etsy’s communication channels proved to be extremely challenging to navigate. This issue had been raised by many other sellers on Etsy as well.

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Even though I had a strict “no refund” policy, the customer contacted Etsy and was granted a refund. While the amount was not substantial, consider the implications if you have a successful business and ten customers engage in similar behavior each month. It could seriously impact the sustainability of your business. I made the decision to cease working on Etsy due to the lack of support and control over decisions. Etsy’s willingness to issue refunds without consulting sellers is simply unacceptable.

Say no to Etsy

That’s why I recommend considering establishing your own e-commerce store, where you can set your own policies and have full control over your business decisions. If you’re interested in making this transition, contact K1ever now for assistance in setting up your own e-commerce store.

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