Support Lebanese In Canada

    Hello friends and family,
    I will be supporting the Arab community in Canada by doing free advertisements for the ones in need.
    If you are in need of a little boost, do fill out the form below and/or refer it to another Arab friend.

    I will be creating an outstanding video that will be posted on a blog, youtube channel, and Instagram page.
    An article will be posted on the blog, and a social media post will be posted on Instagram page.

    Blog: Canadaleaks

    General Information:

    Do you operate from your home (online) or physical shop?

    What type of business do you have?

    If you chose the option other, please mention the type of business below

    Social Media Post:

    Company Name

    Social Media information, Phone Number, Address, and Website

    A slogan or a short description of your business not more than 2 sentences.

    link for your profile picture

    Blog Post:

    link for 4 images about your business, maybe your office, front door, how you operate, interior, products....


    Write the link below of whatever you have from images to videos about your business. Keep in mind that the video length will be a maximum of 2 minutes. So upload what is needed and in good quality. You can upload them to google drive, write the link below and make sure everyone can view and download them. Do not send them by wetransfer because the link might expire before I can download the data.

    Please note that you might receive an email from or while using this form. At any time you can unsubscribe in the future.
    Do follow so you can see when your advertisement is posted. I will be always here to support you.
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